Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Newest Friend...

She is ARLENE!!!

Well,!!! i was surprise last weak to know my new friend Arlene, she has unexpected to come on my life on that day,. but actually, as part of this thing i did not already remember the day when she was come in and knocking my door of friendship for everlasting, ("for that sorry"). In continuation for this, she was also part of my life definitely, because every time when i was meeting new friends, whether it is on actual or whatever,. i take them secured and partially giving the chances to be part of my life as like as my old and farmer friends,.You know, On that day, Arlene was surprising me for just texting, she is very practically on asking me about my life and also my love life and on the things that may be relevant on my background. She has been trying to know, all about me, all about my self, and also about my family,. and well as far as i concern, I was responsible for answering that questions clearly, and i don't have any choice to ignore it. In that day we spend our time for texting, and we enjoy asking together, with our love life if ever we free for this part of stage. She is the kind of girl who had the "sense of humor" when it comes to talk about anything else. I love to spend my time together with her or even just saying, we were bonding to each other that perhaps results to build with our friendship for last long. Even we are not too close and too far to each other because of our both locations, we were just spend our time to communicate with each other using the cellphone.i look forward to be friend of her. I hope that our friendship that build last week would be the greatest friendship i've ever have so far in my life.!!!